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The Artist

Mark Galt is a native of 1960s Northern California, raised in a patchwork family of eight children by inventor/puppeteer/humorist/engineer/poet/farmer/ukulele-playing parents and grandparents. He learned to improvise early.

Given an official Yosemite pocketknife as a boy, Mark began carving wood at eight years old. He started designing electronic circuits at age twelve, and initiated a lifetime of metalworking in a high school machine shop at sixteen.

Having studied engineering in college for two-and-a-half years, Mark emerged undegreed and began a long technical/engineering career in a series of physics laboratories at Stanford University and the Naval Postgraduate School. The creative demands of the laboratory environment refined in him the kinds of skills and sensibilities that fashion fine instrumentation and mechanism.

Technical dexterity having been persuaded into collaboration with the musings of a curious heart, Mark’s continuing studies have included sculpture, design, clock-making, puppetry, and organ-building. Since 2007 he has concentrated on mechanical sculpture, and his work has received acclaim and award in a variety of galleries, shows, and private collections.

mark galt