Toy making lies at the very heart of my work, and I understand that the line between kinetic sculpture and toys is very fine indeed. Nevertheless, I keep in mind a murky distinction, and I define toys in a more-or-less classic sense of the word.

For me, a toy is a plaything, an object meant to amuse, intended to invite impulsive and experimental handling.

I make toys periodically because I love the improvisational nature of their formulation, and because the practice of making toys offers a sort of instant gratification that I can’t afford in most of my work. Born more of whimsy than design, my toys are usually made of salvaged materials, often including castoff and modified toy icons from my own childhood era.

Atomic Barbie



Speedy Wheel Barbie

Speedy Wheel Barbie


Hot Rod



Cello Car



Bamboo Car with Godzilla

Bamboo Car with Godzilla_toys



bamboo car videoplay